Broadway Video Ventures targets early and growth-stage investments, acquisitions, partnerships and joint ventures across the media, entertainment, and technology sectors, seeking to leverage and enhance Broadway Video’s existing content and distribution businesses. In addition, BVV incubates new businesses, notably Above Average.

General Inquiries

Lucas Zelnick

Investments & Partnerships

Leading premium comedy studio and network

Leading B2C Pets brand

Social marketing and rights management software for online video

Group video chat app

Leading online fashion retailer

Fanboy studio with over 1mm subs. Partnership between BVV, The Jim Henson Company, GeekChicDaily, and Chernin Entertainment

Guided meditation courses, delivered via an app or online

Interactive live-stream video platform

Online video platform allowing both professional and amateur creators to self-distribute content

Leading B2B platform that helps brands find and partner with YouTube creators

Digital concierge service for both restaurants and diners

“Post-cable” financial news network for millennials

Native advertising and contextual content discovery solutions

Rental marketplace for cameras and related equipment

On-demand marketplace for short form original video

Platform that curates the best videos to watch every day

Platform to protect consumers protecting privacy, bandwidth and attention

Slack like platform for communities, college market

Universal patient profile and healthcare data platform

Avatar messaging platform

Connects businesses to influencers and celebrities

Conversational commerce platform

Weather bot

Largest Snapchat channel aimed at millenials

For sale by owner real estate platform disintermediating selling agents